Meditations is a great stress buster!

27 Jan

Meditation is vital for helping you reconnect with your inner-self, giving you the quiet time you need to experience your journey of self discovery. There are many different meditation techniques but I am going to outline the straightforward classic sitting meditation form for you here. Meditation should last at least 20 minutes, as you become more experienced you may choose to extend your meditations. A great way to start and have some fun, is to join a local meditation group.

If you are trying it on your own, start by finding a quiet, safe place where you will not be disturbed, meditation should be done in silence, however if your prefer you can put some gentle quiet music in the background.

You can sit cross legged in traditional meditation style on the floor or if you find this uncomfortable, use a comfortable chair instead. The most important thing is to be comfortable and well supported. If you are sitting on a chair it is best to keep both feet firmly on the ground. Your eyes should be at least partially open, if you want to close your eyes, the room must be brightly lit to allow enough light to pass through your eyelids to keep your brain alert. Meditation means that you are in a relaxed state, but your consciousness is fully alert and awake, if there is insufficient light, the brain is likely to relax and you will fall into a light sleep, which might be pleasant, but will be ineffective as a meditation. Drinking herb tea or hot water before a meditation session can help you relax and facilitates your self-awareness. Avoid overeating or consuming cold drinks before meditating.

When you are sitting comfortably, just relax, let go, do nothing. Let your thoughts gradually quieten down. Try to be aware of your breathing, gently let your breathing become deep and regular. Gradually focus your attention on a point just behind and below your naval. Just be conscious of this point, pay passive attention to it.

Try to be detached, if a thought comes to you, then just observe it, do not add to it with any active participation. Remain detached and passive, acknowledge the thought but do not dwell on it, do not engage with it, just observe the thought and then let it go.

You will experience, relaxation, increased awareness, mental focus,
clarity and a sense of peace if meditation is practiced regularly. Meditations is a great stress buster!

Abang Ask

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